Are You In Need Of Pediatric Invisalign® In Winter Garden, FL?

a smiling patient putting on an Invisalign clear aligner for her upper arch of teeth.

Not everyone is born with straight and perfect looking teeth. Yet a pediatric braces treatment is not the only orthodontic procedure for kids and teens who want to improve their smiles. Today, young patients appreciate being able to correct their teeth imperfections with pediatric Invisalign® in Winter Garden, FL. Continue reading to learn how pediatric Invisalign can help patients correct the look of their smile for years to come.


How Does Pediatric Invisalign Straighten My Child’s Teeth?

Pediatric Invisalign in Winter Garden, FL relies on clear plastic aligners to gently, comfortably, and progressively move and shift teeth into more appropriate and visually attractive positions. The clear aligners are custom designed for each patient’s specific smile. About every two weeks, the patient can switch out their clear aligners with a slightly adjusted one until their smile is fully corrected. With Invisalign clear aligners, patients have a much straighter smile.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Pediatric Invisalign To Straighten My Smile?

What are some of the most compelling reasons why kids and their parents are asking a skilled and knowledgeable pediatric dentist about Invisalign? Here are the specific benefits that come with getting treated with pediatric Invisalign:


Does not rely on brackets and wires, but on removable clear aligners. Since the Invisalign clear aligners can be taken out, they do not affect the wearer’s normal oral hygiene routines or diets.


A huge downside to traditional braces is that they can chafe against the inside of the mouth. Wire-free pediatric Invisalign clear aligners do not irritate the inner skin of the young patients cheeks.

Invisible Tooth Replacement Option:

Unless someone is standing very close to those wearing Invisalign, they would probably never know they were wearing Invisalign clear aligners. Invisalign are clear, making them a very discreet way to revitalize smiles without broadcasting to the world that the wearer is undergoing orthodontic care.

Easy Care and Maintenance:

For those who went through the experience of wearing conventional metal bracket braces, they probably remember how hard they were to take care of daily with their toothbrush and floss. Because Invisalign clear aligners are taken out for brushing, flossing, and eating. They never get in the way of the care that is so integral to keeping teeth and gums healthy.


Come See Us At Our Office For Your Pediatric Invisalign® In Winter Garden, FL

With Invisalign clear aligners, kids will be able to get the customized new smile of their dreams. So, what are you waiting for? Get in contact with Dr. Jordan Jones and our high-quality team at our Esteem Dental Pediatrics office to schedule an appointment today! With pediatric Invisalign, your child’s smile can be corrected for years to come.


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