Pediatric Dental Emergencies In Lake Nona, FL, I Should Know About

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When kids have any sudden changes in their oral health, the wisest option is to make a pediatric dental appointment right away. Why? Even the most seemingly little pediatric dental emergencies in Lake Nona, FL can have far-reaching consequences if they are not addressed promptly. That is why when kids have dental emergencies, they should get treated with trusted pediatric dental emergency care.

Continue reading to learn more about the types of pediatric dental emergencies kids can have.

What Types Of Pediatric Dental Emergencies In Lake Nona, FL Can Kids Have?

Kids tend to lead fairly active lifestyles and have a lot going on. Not surprisingly, some of the more common pediatric dental emergencies that pediatric dentists treat, are related to the normal activities of growing up. Others may be congenital or related to disease or decay. Below are some pediatric dental emergencies that always deserve an emergency trip to the pediatric dentist:

Knocked-Out Teeth:

Baby teeth that have been knocked loose or knocked out can sometimes be saved. If possible, the baby tooth should be put in some milk right away. The parent should bring it along with them to their child’s emergency dental appointment. The pediatric dentist may be able to reinsert it or, in the case of a loose tooth, use special treatment methods to keep it from falling out.


Tooth pain is not normal and needs to be considered a dental emergency. Dental discomfort can have many different origins, including nerve damage and infections. The faster the pediatric dentist can figure out why the tooth pain is happening with pediatric dental emergency care, the faster the young patient can feel better — and potentially have stronger, healthier teeth.

Chipped Or Cracked Teeth:

Because baby teeth have a thinner layer of enamel on them than permanent teeth, they are not very resistant to chipping, fracturing, or breaking apart. For instance, children playing physical sports may end up with damaged teeth. Depending upon the extent of the tooth damage, the pediatric dentist may be able to save the tooth with pediatric emergency dentistry care.

Broken Jaws:

Broken and dislocated jaws can be fixed with pediatric emergency dentistry procedures. When kids have broken jaws, then they should have pediatric dental emergency care as soon as possible.

Bitten Tongues:

Everyone bites their tongue now and then, but a severe bite can be a big problem. A pediatric dentist will have pediatric dental emergency care procures to treat the patients bitten tongue with.

Objects Caught In The Teeth:

What should be done when kids have a piece of food or something else caught in their teeth? They should go to a quality pediatric dentist’s office who can treat them with state-of-the-art pediatric dental emergency care. Objects have to be dislodged carefully from the kid’s teeth and with the right tools. This is not an at-home job, as the kid’s teeth, gums, or bones could end up getting damaged if not handled with experienced care.

See Us Now So We Can Determine If Your Kids Need Pediatric Dental Emergency Care

No matter what kind of pediatric dental emergency your child is experiencing, our caring and advanced team can give them exceptional care to save the health, look, and function of their smile. Don’t hesitate to save your kid’s smile with us. Get in contact with Dr. Jordan P. Jones and Dr. Matthew McLeod at our Esteem Dental Pediatrics office to schedule an appointment today!


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