Ready For A Pediatric Tooth Extraction In Lake Nona, FL? Here Is What The Procedure Looks Like!

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Whenever possible, a pediatric dentist will try to save kids’ teeth that have been damaged by trauma, decay, disease, atypical development, or even the use of certain medications. However, if the damage is too widespread, a pediatric tooth extraction in Lake Nona, FL, may be necessary.

When kids need this type of treatment, the kid and their parents should know exactly what to expect in terms of the tooth extraction procedure process. The more that is known about pediatric tooth extractions, the less fear and anxiety kids and their parents will feel about it.

What Happens During A Procedure For Pediatric Tooth Extractions In Lake Nona, FL?

From start to finish, kids are given an informed, anxiety-free, and comfortable pediatric tooth extraction procedure experience. Because every kid and their smile is unique, they will have a customized pediatric tooth extraction procedure. The following is a detailed explanation of what happens during a pediatric tooth extraction procedure process.

Pediatric Sedation Dentistry

The most important part of any pediatric tooth extraction procedure is making sure the young patient has a relaxed and comfortable procedure experience. This is why a world-class pediatric office is designed to be a calming, informative, and positive place. The compassionate pediatric dentist will use pediatric sedation dentistry to give patients the anxiety-free and comfortable procedure experience they need to get the smile of their dreams.

Precise Tooth Removals

The actual tooth removal process may be very quick or may take a little more time. The objective is to remove all parts of the tooth and make sure the empty socket is clean.

Predictable And Quick Healing

After the tooth, or teeth, have been extracted, the pediatric dentist will put gauze on the socket. This encourages any bleeding to slow down and stop. At this point, the young patient will be ready to go home and will be given instructions on what foods they should eat, as well as how to care for the tooth extraction site.


Most kids have few complications after a tooth extraction procedure. The pediatric dentist should be called if any complaints or problems do occur.

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Children who maintain good relationships with their pediatric dentist tend to take better care of their teeth and gums when they are adults. This is why it remains critical for parents to bring their kids to pediatric dentists, particularly for more involved treatments like tooth extractions. Pediatric dentists have made a commitment to serving the unique dental needs of young children and teens.

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