Should I Go To A Pediatric Dentist In Lake Nona, FL, For X-Rays?

a mother and her small daughter smiling at each other as they brush their teeth before the little girl goes to a pediatric dentist for an x-ray.

Children who learn to take care of their oral health at an early age are at a reduced risk of developing problems, like cavities, later. While brushing and (gently!) flossing at home are great ways to for children to start taking care of their oral health, they should also be seen by a pediatric dentist in Lake Nona, FL around their first birthday or when their first tooth erupts for exams and preventative care procedures.

A pediatric dentist will not only evaluate kids’ teeth, they will also take dental x-rays of their oral structures. These x-rays are taken to ensure that all the structures of the child’s mouth are growing as expected.


How Does A Pediatric Dentist In Lake Nona, FL Take Digital X-Rays?

Digital x-rays are designed to help pediatric dentists get a better understanding of their young patient’s oral health. Dental x-rays require very little radiation and are just seconds to take. Not only are they fast, but they are engineered to be very comfortable. This gives the young patient a very positive procedure experience.

Once taken, pediatric x-rays can be sent via specialized software to the child’s computerized dental records. Many pediatric dentists like to pull up pediatric x-rays on computer screens to show kids (and their parents) what the insides of their mouths look like. Most children are naturally curious and look forward to being able to learn through the use of diagnostic tools like x-rays!

How Does A Pediatric Dentist Use Digital X-Rays?

Even the most experienced and skilled pediatric dentist cannot see all areas of a child’s small mouth. Dental x-rays help show the pediatric dentist what is going on between the patient’s teeth, inside the periodontal pockets, and even under the tooth roots. Consequently, the pediatric dentist can more accurately and confidently:

  • Discover early signs of tooth decay
  • Evaluate the development of baby teeth and permanent teeth
  • See if the child needs corrective procedures, like traditional braces
  • Note and keep track of any unique aspects of the child’s mouth or jaw structures

Above all else, it is very important to note that digital x-rays are very safe, efficient, and pain-free. Taken once or twice a year, they give kids an advantage when it comes to keeping track of their health and wellness for life.


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