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Protect Your Child’s Smile With Preventative Care


Preventative Care Starts Here

Taking care of tiny teeth is a skillset all on its own. Here at Esteem Dental, we ensure that these tiny teeth are taken care of and set each child up for excellent oral health in the future. A child’s earliest trips to the dentist will shape how they feel about dental care for a lifetime, which is why Dr. Jordan Jones approaches pediatric dentistry with compassion every time. From a pediatric dental cleaning and a pediatric dental exam to pediatric orthodontics, Esteem Dental can help keep even our youngest patients away from failing oral health.

The Importance of Regular Visits

We begin seeing patients as soon as their first teeth arrive! The sooner children begin getting regular dental checkups, including a pediatric dental cleaning and a pediatric dental exam, the more comfortable they become with dental visits in the future. Early checkups ensure the longevity of a healthy mouth throughout their lifetime and even help prevent cavities and tooth decay. Youngsters who receive regular pediatric teeth cleaning can chew food more easily, learn to speak clearly, and smile with confidence!
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Neglected Teeth Aren’t Healthy Teeth

While keeping children pain-free is a huge perk, it isn’t the only reason we want to see them in the office. Strong baby teeth pave the way for healthier adult teeth, so early pediatric dental cleaning and pediatric dental exam appointments provide exceptional benefits to improve each child’s overall wellbeing. Untreated dental concerns such as cavities, toothaches, or even tooth decay can lead to oral pain, headaches, infections, gum disease, and even problems when eating, speaking, playing, or learning.

Our Pediatric Treatments

This naturally occurring mineral can help prevent cavities and is recommended to every child after receiving their first tooth. When the enamel – the protective layer on the teeth – is broken down from sugars and starches, it can cause cavities and even tooth decay. With a fluoride treatment, it strengthens the enamel and prevents tooth decay and cavities.
Sealants are thin coatings painted on teeth to protect them from cavities. Once painted onto the tooth, they flow into the deep grooves of teeth and harden immediately. This helps prevent tooth decay and cavities with no downtime. Children can talk and enjoy their favorite foods immediately after treatment.
Pediatric tooth extractions are surgical removals of primary teeth. When a child’s tooth becomes damaged due to injuries, severe tooth decay, or infections, tooth extractions become necessary to prevent further damage to the mouth or neighboring teeth.
Fillings are made from a composite resin that bonds directly to the tooth, helping to prevent decay. They also look, feel, and function like a natural tooth and can be a cost-effective option for filling a tooth that isn’t a permanent adult tooth.

For children with misaligned bites, crooked or crowded teeth, braces or other clear orthodontic options may be the best treatment plan. Braces will be installed by Dr. Jordan Jones to gently shift teeth into their proper position.

Don’t Let Dental Concerns Sneak Up On Your Little One!

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