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Baby Teeth 101: Why They’re Worth The Extra Attention

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Baby Teeth Are Small But Mighty

While baby teeth don’t last too long, they play an important role in a child’s overall health and well-being. These tiny teeth require professional and at-home dental care to remain healthy and build a strong foundation for their adult teeth. Since primary teeth can develop cavities and tooth decay at any age, Dr. Jordan Jones has created treatment plans to keep these baby teeth healthy so your child can enjoy all the benefits of a healthy smile even before their permanent teeth come in!

Bad Oral Health Comes With Risks

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Healthy Oral Health From The Very Beginning

Baby teeth have a direct impact on your child’s permanent teeth. Since each baby tooth acts as a placeholder for an adult tooth, they preserve a place for primary teeth. Baby teeth also play a crucial role in the proper development of the mouth and jaw, as well as in the alignment of the permanent teeth that will eventually replace them. These primary teeth allow for proper chewing, facilitating speech and maintaining space for adult teeth. Baby teeth are also a good opportunity to establish a dental hygiene routine by creating flossing and brushing regimens and routine dental checkups to ensure your child’s good oral health lasts a lifetime.

Baby Teeth VS Permanent Teeth

Baby teeth

The first set of teeth to develop in a child’s mouth – typically begin to appear around six months of age and continue to push through the gums until the child is roughly two and a half years old. There are 20 baby teeth in total, including 10 on the top and 10 on the bottom. Since these teeth are smaller and more delicate than permanent teeth, they naturally have thinner enamel which makes them more susceptible to decay.

Permanent teeth

The second set of teeth to develop in the mouth – begin to appear around the age of six and continue to emerge until the age of 21. There are 32 permanent teeth in total, including 16 on the top and 16 on the bottom. These permanent teeth are larger, stronger, and more durable than

primary teeth

Primary teeth due to their thicker enamel, making them more resistant to decay. With proper hygiene regimens and routine dental appointments with Dr. Jones, your smile will be one to be proud of!

Don’t Let Baby Teeth Be Forgotten!

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