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A Space Investment With Big Rewards

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Keep Your Child’s Smile On Track

Sometimes, baby teeth are lost too early. Whether your little one’s smiles are suffering from oral trauma or decay, our team is dedicated to preserving precious space for your child’s permanent teeth, ensuring a healthy foundation for their future smile. Dr. Jordan Jones has perfected treatment plans that include space maintainers that are simple, gentle, and non-invasive to help your child’s teeth grow in straight and strong, setting them up for a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles!
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What Happens When a Baby Tooth Is Lost Too Early?

Premature baby tooth loss can cause the surrounding teeth to shift and move into the empty space. This can not only lead to crooked or misaligned teeth, but it can also create problems with the proper eruption of the permanent tooth. If the permanent tooth doesn’t have enough room to come in properly, it can become impacted or emerge at an abnormal angle. This can lead to further dental concerns and may even require additional treatment to correct. Oftentimes, the permanent tooth may not come in at all, leading to a gap in your child’s smile. This can pose both a cosmetic concern and a functional problem as missing teeth can affect a child’s ability to properly speak or chew. However, with advancements in dentistry, Dr. Jones is able to place space maintainers to keep additional dental concerns from happening.
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What Are The Purposes of Space Maintainers?

Pediatric space maintainers are a device in a treatment plan used to help preserve the space in a child’s mouth for their permanent teeth. Since prematurely lost baby teeth can cause an array of issues, Dr. Jones will place space maintainers to hold space for the permanent tooth to properly come in. Since we know not all mouths are the same, we offer several different types of space maintainers including fixed (cement-retained) and removable (patient-removable) options. These pediatric space maintainers are personalized to fit your child’s mouth to ensure an accurate fit to set them up for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Pediatric space maintainers aren’t always used, but with Dr. Jones’ discretion, they may be the best treatment plan for your little ones in the event of premature tooth loss.

Don’t Let Missing Teeth Throw Off Your Child’s Smile!

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