Is A Pediatric X-Ray In Lake Nona, FL, Necessary?

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In order to ensure that children’s teeth are developing properly, they should go for pediatric x-rays in Lake Nona, FL. With pediatric x-rays, children’s oral structures can be thoroughly examined and, if problems are found, additional pediatric dentistry procedures can be performed. Interested to learn in more detail about why pediatric x-rays are necessary? Here is more information on the reasons why it is necessary for children to go for pediatric x-rays.

Why Are Pediatric X-Rays In Lake Nona, FL Necessary?

Every time a child visits a pediatric dentist, the pediatric dentist will perform visual examinations of the child’s mouth. However, a visual inspection of a child’s oral structures is not enough to catch all the problems it could have, such as the formation of tiny cavities, the beginnings of tooth and gum infections, and even adult teeth that are not developing or erupting correctly.

However, thanks to advanced tools and technologies, like pediatric x-rays, oral issues and complications can be detected in a patient’s mouth.

Are Pediatric X-Rays Safe To Be Treated With

Although x-rays rely on radiation to work, pediatric x-rays deliver extremely low doses of radiation. This makes pediatric x-rays safe to be used on young patients. It also makes parents and guardians relieved to know that their kids are getting limited radiation exposure when they get their routine pediatric dental x-rays.

Pediatric x-rays are more than just safety-focused, though. They are also simple to set up and children feel very relaxed and comfortable while getting their pediatric x-rays. After all, pediatric x-rays are fast and non-invasive procedures. It takes only seconds for a pediatric x-ray to capture in-depth details of the young patient’s teeth, bones, and other oral structures.

Catch Problems Early With A Pediatric X-Ray

One of the most useful purposes of a pediatric x-ray, is that it can be used to catch dental issues before they become emergencies. Pediatric x-rays are truly some of the most valuable, prevention-based dental tools that can be used to examen a child’s oral structures. And prevention is always preferable to intervention.


Come To Our Office For Pediatric X-Rays

When you come to our caring and advanced pediatric dentistry office, we use the latest techniques and technologies to make sure your kids mouth stays beautiful, strong, and healthy. With pediatric x-rays, we can make sure your child’s teeth and oral structures are developing properly, and that they are in good overall dental health.

Why wait to improve your child’s oral health at our quality office? Get in contact with Dr. Jordan P. Jones, Dr. Matthew McLeod, and our excellent team at our Esteem Dental Pediatrics office to schedule an appointment today!


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