What Could Happen If I Don’t See A Pediatric Dentist In Lake Nona, FL?

The earlier kids learn how to properly take care of their teeth for life, the less likely they are to experience preventable dental problems, like cavities. By regularly seeing a pediatric dentist kids will learn how to properly take care of their teeth, and their teeth will be well taken care of. If kids don’t see a pediatric dentist in Lake Nona, FL, however, they could experience a number of dental problems.

Want to learn more about what could happen if people don’t see a pediatric dentist? Here is more information on what could happen if people don’t see a pediatric dentist.


What Happens If Kids Aren’t Taken To A Pediatric Dentist In Lake Nona, FL

A pediatric dentist considers the clinical and wellness aspects of a kid’s oral health, including the way their teeth and jaw are developing. When kids, and their parents, put off going to a pediatric dentist to make sure their teeth and oral health are in good condition, they could experience a number of dental problems. The following explains the specific dental problems kids could experience if they aren’t taken to a pediatric dentist:

Severe Tooth Decay Or Damage:

When a pediatric dentist is regularly examining a kid’s teeth, they will be able to spot cavities when they are still quite small. This means that the kid’s cavity can be addressed, and their tooth saved. Filling a cavity is far more preferable than losing a baby tooth to dental decay, for kids who try and avoid seeing a pediatric dentist.

Poor Development Of The Jaw And Teeth:

A pediatric dentist, who has advanced skills in pediatric orthodontic treatments, will make sure a kid’s teeth and jaw are properly developing. If problems arise in a kids dental or oral health, the pediatric dentist will be able to correct these problems early on and avoid future problems from developing in the first place. If kids don’t see a pediatric dentist, their poorly developing jaws and teeth can cause more problems.

Decaying Back Teeth:

The molars are especially susceptible to harboring debris and decay-causing bacteria (plaque) because they have so many tiny grooves. A pediatric dentist can apply a sealant to the kid’s back teeth to make it difficult for decay to occur on those teeth. Sealant application lasts a long time and can provide an extra layer of protection to a kid’s dental health.

If kids don’t go to a pediatric dentist for sealant, then they could end up with big dental problems and even tooth loss.

No Fluoride Treatment:

Pediatric dentists frequently apply fluoride to children’s and teen’s teeth to ensure the teeth stay healthy. When Kids don’t regularly go to a pediatric dentist, their dental health could be put at risk.

Uncomfortable And Poorly Performing Smiles:

A child who never sees a pediatric dentist, may struggle with low self-esteem due to a smile marred by gaps, broken teeth, crooked teeth, and a misaligned bite. Pediatric dentists have plenty of solutions at their fingertips, including fillings and braces, to improve the quality and appearance of a kid’s developing smile.


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