Need Pediatric Tooth Crowns In Winter Garden, FL? Here Are Their Benefits!

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When kids have severely decayed teeth, fractured teeth, injured teeth, or even imperfect looking teeth, then they should restore the look and strength of those teeth with pediatric tooth crowns in Winter Garden, FL. No matter how many teeth need them, there are many benefits to young patients getting treated with pediatric tooth crowns. Continue reading to learn in more detail about why it is beneficial to get treaded with pediatric tooth crowns.

What Exactly Are The Benefits Of Pediatric Tooth Crowns In Winter Garden, FL?

A pediatric tooth crown is a type of tooth cap that is made of porcelain or zirconia (a metal-free ceramic) material that is fabricated to fit snugly over a damaged or decayed tooth. The pediatric tooth crown is beneficial to a patient’s smile because it serves two main purposes.


The first purpose of a pediatric tooth crown is to protect and restore the tooth. That way, the tooth can be normally used. The second purpose of a tooth crown is to blend in seamlessly with the patients surrounding natural teeth. At a skilled and trusted pediatric dentist’s office, the tooth crown’s color, shape, and size are custom designed to give patients a natural looking and aesthetically enhanced new smile.

How Can Kids Benefit From Pediatric Tooth Crowns?

Pediatric tooth crowns help restore kid’s teeth in numerous ways. The following are the specific ways kids can benefit from pediatric tooth crowns.

Preserves Teeth:

A pediatric dentist wants their young patient to keep their baby teeth until those teeth fall out naturally. By treating damaged or infected baby teeth with pediatric tooth crowns, the patient’s dental health is maintained and the need for pediatric tooth extractions are reduced.

Restores Dental Strength:

A tooth that has been weakened by decay or trauma can be given strength with pediatric tooth crowns. Pediatric tooth crowns enable teeth to be strong and viable again. This type of tooth preservation procedure is particularly vital after treatments like pediatric root canals, which take away some of the inner strength of the tooth.

Enhances Smile Aesthetics:

Although pediatric tooth crown treatments are a form of restorative dentistry, it can be cosmetically useful, too. A tooth that is discolored, stained, or imperfectly formed can be covered with a beautiful new crown. The color, shape, and size of the pediatric tooth crown is custom made to give young patients a natural and beautiful looking new smile.

Restores Dental Implants:

If a teen loses a permanent tooth, the right tooth replacement option for them would be a dental implant. The customized pediatric tooth crown is attached to the dental implant, giving the patient a brand-new smile.

See Us Now So We Can Treat You With Pediatric Tooth Crowns

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