Reasons To Get Pediatric Wisdom Tooth Removals In Winter Garden, FL

a pediatric dental patient smiling as he gets treated with a wisdom tooth removal.

People’s third molars — usually called wisdom teeth — do not arrive until they are in their late teens or early twenties. While some people do not have problematic wisdom teeth until they are young adults, pediatric wisdom tooth removals in Winter Garden, FL are performed for children who have problematic wisdom teeth.

There are a variety of reasons why pediatric wisdom tooth removals are necessary.  Continue reading to learn what the reasons are to get pediatric wisdom tooth removals.


Why Should I Get Pediatric Wisdom Tooth Removals In Winter Garden, FL?

Below are some of the specific reasons why young patients will need to get pediatric wisdom tooth removals:

Swollen Gums Around The Back Molars

Many people’s mouths are too small to accommodate their wisdom teeth. This can lead to them having partially erupted wisdom teeth or wisdom teeth that grow in at an angle and become impacted. As a result, the gums around the back molars may start to swell and become red and tender. When this happens, pediatric wisdom tooth removals are necessary.

Persistent Jaw And Tooth Pain

Not all signs that it is necessary to get pediatric wisdom tooth removals are limited to the area of where the wisdom teeth are. Occasionally, pain will radiate to the jaw or the surrounding teeth when people need their wisdom teeth removed.

Bad Breath That Will Not Go Away

Everyone has unpleasant-smelling breath now and then. Persistent bad breath coming from the back of the mouth, however, can be an indicator of an infection caused by erupting wisdom teeth. Luckily, a pediatric wisdom tooth removal can resolve the patient’s persistent bad breath.

Blood Or Pus Near The Wisdom Teeth

Another sign that a pediatric wisdom tooth removal procedure is necessary, is when there is bleeding or pus-like drainage coming from around the wisdom teeth.

Swollen Cheeks

When wisdom teeth keep pushing against the gums and surrounding teeth, it can cause the cheeks to get swollen. This symptom can be solved with a pediatric wisdom tooth removal.


Go See Us At Our Office For Your Pediatric Wisdom Tooth Removal

All types of problematic wisdom teeth can wreak havoc on your children’s smile, comfort, and even their confidence. Instead of ignoring these problems, you should bring your children in for a precise pediatric wisdom tooth removal. Our welcoming and high-tech office can expertly and accurately remove your children’s wisdom teeth so that they can have a healthy and functional smile for years to come.

Don’t hesitate to improve your children’s smiles with us. Get in contact with Dr. Jordan P. Jones and our exceptional team at our Esteem Dental Pediatrics office to schedule an appointment today!


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