Interested In Learning More About A Pediatric Pulpotomy In Winter Garden, FL? Here Is What It Is

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When kids have tooth decay or trauma that is at the crown of their tooth, then they should get treated with a pediatric pulpotomy in Winter Garden, FL. With a pediatric pulpotomy, a kid’s tooth that has been through trauma or is decayed can be saved and treated so that they do not have to have a pediatric tooth extraction. Interested to learn more about what a pediatric pulpotomy is? Continue reading to find out more about this smile saving procedure.

What Is A Pediatric Pulpotomy In Winter Garden, FL?

Although the name may sound complicated, a pediatric pulpotomy is a very straightforward procedure. During a pediatric pulpotomy, the skilled and trusted pediatric dentist will remove any diseased, decayed, or damaged tissue from the pulp (the inside portion) of the tooth crown. After removing the tissue, the pediatric dentist will then clean the remaining tooth structure and fill it with a dental cement material.

After the pediatric pulpotomy has been completed, a filling or a tooth-colored, custom-made tooth crown is bonded over the affected tooth. A filling or a tooth crown will fully restore the tooths functionality.

When Exactly Is A Pediatric Pulpotomy Needed?

There are numerous reasons why kids may need to be treated with a pediatric pulpotomy. The following are the specific reasons why kids would need a pediatric pulpotomy:

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay that is widespread on the tooth crown (the portion of the tooth that shows above the gumline.)

Tooth Damage

Tooth damage to the tooth crown, such as a fracture or deep chip that has exposed the inside of the tooth pulp.

Tooth Abscess

A tooth abscess is a pocket of pus that forms due to the bacterial infection in the kid’s mouth.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Treated With A Pediatric Pulpotomy?

A pediatric pulpotomy helps protect the longevity and health of a kid’s tooth in two ways. First, a pediatric pulpotomy restores the kid’s tooth back to its normal function by removing all signs of infection and decay. As a result, it bypasses the necessity for a pediatric tooth extraction.

Secondly, a pediatric pulpotomy allows the tooth to maintain its place in the mouth. This means that a baby tooth that has had a pediatric pulpotomy will be able to serve as a guide for the permanent adult tooth that will erupt beneath it.

Those aren’t the only advantages of a pediatric pulpotomy, though. Pediatric pulpotomies allow kids to avoid unnecessary smile gaps. As a result, they may have fewer other dental problems, such as drifting teeth or the need for pediatric orthodontics later.


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