Which Types Of Procedures For Pediatric Dentistry In Lake Nona, FL, Can I Get Treated With?

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Kids can get treated with a variety of procedures for pediatric dentistry in Lake Nona, FL. The types of pediatric dentistry procedures that kids can get treated with, depends on the needs of each individual kid. No matter which type of pediatric dentistry procedure kids get treated with, they will be customized to fit their specific smile. Continue reading to learn in more detail about which specific types of pediatric dentistry procedures that kids can get treated with.

The Types Of Procedures For Pediatric Dentistry In Lake Nona, FL, You Can Get

Kids can get treated with pediatric fluoride treatments and sealants, dental fillings, tooth extractions, and pediatric orthodontics. Here are more detailed explanations of what each type of pediatric dentistry procedure is:

Pediatric Fluoride Treatments And Sealants

Two of the most requested — and most appropriate — types of pediatric dentistry procedures, are fluoride treatments and tooth sealants. Both are used to protect developing baby and permanent teeth.

Pediatric fluoride treatments involve brushing a fluoride-rich varnish on the kid’s teeth. Fluoride is a safe mineral that helps tooth enamel stay strong and resist decay-causing bacteria. A Pediatric fluoride treatment application takes just a few minutes and can last for months.

Pediatric sealants are another way of protecting kid’s teeth from decay. Liquid sealant is brushed gently along the kid’s molars and then prompted to harden. The pediatric sealant creates a strong, reliable barrier to give kid’s teeth an extra level of defense against sugars, plaque, and tartar. Pediatric sealants can keep working for years.

Pediatric Dental Fillings

Even with regular pediatric fluoride procedures and occasional pediatric sealants, kids’ teeth may show signs of cavities. A cavity will not go away on its own and can eventually destroy the integrity of the kid’s natural tooth. However, a pediatric dentist can clean the tooth, remove all diseased or damaged tooth material, and fill the tooth with a special material.

Pediatric dental fillings stop the progression of cavities and restore the strength and health of a damaged tooth. It takes little time to place a pediatric dental filling and the filling should stay bonded in place for years.

Pediatric Tooth Extractions

Whenever they can, pediatric dentists will resist removing young patients’ teeth. Nevertheless, sometimes teeth are too damaged or poorly developed to stay in the mouth. In this situation, a pediatric tooth extraction can reliably remove a problematic tooth or teeth. After the extraction of a baby tooth or teeth, the pediatric dentist may recommend the kid wear a space maintenance device to create a placeholder for their upcoming permanent teeth.

Pediatric Orthodontics

It is extremely common for children to require pediatric braces to straighten their teeth or resolve dental issues like a misaligned bite.


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