The Reasons Why It Is Important To Take Care Of Baby Teeth In Winter Garden, FL

a kid getting her baby teeth checked out during a pediatric dentistry procedure.

Baby teeth may be little, but they are a necessary part of a kids mouth. When properly taken care of, these first teeth play an essential role in the health and functionality of the kid’s future adult teeth. This is why a skilled and trusted pediatric dentist will educate parents and kids on the importance of caring for baby teeth in Winter Garden, FL. Continue reading to learn more about why it is important for kids to take care of their baby teeth. 


Why Is It Important To Take Care Of Baby Teeth In Winter Garden, FL? 

Baby teeth are more than just the first teeth that erupt in a kid’s mouth They act as guides and placeholders for future, permanent teeth. They enable kids to begin eating foods that require a lot of biting and chewing power. They also let kids speak clearly. 

Baby teeth look and feel a little different from adult teeth. Since baby teeth are only meant to remain in the kids mouth for a short time, they are thinner and more delicate by design. As a result, they need to be properly cared for every day. 

If baby teeth are not properly brushed and flossed, they can become decayed, infected, and diseased. A quality pediatric dentist will recommend adding dental sealants to baby teeth when they come in for cleanings, to give them an extra layer of protection against cavity-causing agents, like sugars. 

What Happens If Baby Teeth Are Not Properly Taken Care Of? 

Without baby teeth, a person’s mouth and jaw development would be very different. Children who have baby teeth, but lose them prematurely due to damage and decay, are at risk of having excessively crowded and crooked teeth. Additionally, it is common for children who have lost their baby teeth very early to experience atypical adult teeth eruption.

The good news is that a knowledgeable pediatric dentist can help kids whose baby teeth have been knocked out or require baby tooth extractions. Pediatric dental treatments like space maintainers can keep the kid’s adult teeth from erupting in the wrong places. 

However, the easier way to solve those issues is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Regular at-home dental care and biannual visits to the pediatric dentist can give kids healthy and happy smiles. 


See Us Now So We Can Protect Your Kids Baby Teeth 

From the moment your little one gets their first baby teeth you should treat them with importance and teach them how to clean and take care of them properly. This includes taking your child to our advanced and caring pediatric dentistry office. Why wait to protect your kids baby teeth with us? Get in contact with Dr. Jordan P. Jones and Dr. Matthew McLeod at our Esteem Dental Pediatrics office to schedule an appointment today! 



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